Wood Products

We make each of our wood products ourselves using wood from the Hideaway Homestead forest.

The wood is harvested in a responsible way, and nothing ever goes to waste. 

The smallest scraps are used to make toys, while the sawdust is collected and used for mulch and fire starters.

Maple key chains – $3 each

Letters burned into the wood.

Sanded and treated with clear coat varnish.

Hideaway Homestead - maple wood key chain

Jacob’s Ladder toy – $5 each

Pine and Maple wood.

Various colours.

Hideaway Homestead - Jacob's ladder toy

Peg game – $10 each

Pine wood with bamboo pegs.

Finished with our beeswax wood polish.

Hideaway Homestead - peg game

Comfort Bird – $15 each

Pine wood, hand carved and sanded.

Finished with our beeswax wood polish.

Fits in the hand.  Soft and smooth finish.


Hideaway Homestead - comfort bird

Business card holder – $20

Cedar wood. 

Clear coat finish.

Hideaway Homestead - business card holder

Candle holders – $40 each

Live edge maple wood with three Hideaway Homestead beeswax tealights.

Finished with our beeswax wood polish.

Sold Out

Hideaway Homestead - maple holder with beeswax tealight candles

Wood Care

Wood polish

105g jar – $20

Made by hand using only liquid coconut oil and beeswax. 

Moisturizes, protects and revitalizes appearance of natural wood products.

Hideaway Homestead - Wood polish