Dehydrated Harvests

At Hideaway Homestead we save as much of our homegrown harvest as possible. 

Our foraged products come from our property only, in very small batches.

We dehydrate using an electric food dehydrator.

Low temperatures over a long time helps to enhance flavour and preserve more nutritional value.

Nothing is added during the dehydration process. 

One ingredient, that is all.

Dehydrated kale

$5 per 10g jar

Sold Out

Hideaway Homestead - dehydrated kale

Dehydrated onion flakes

$5 per 60g jar

Hideaway Homestead - dehydrated onion flakes

Dehydrated Staghorn Sumac

$5 per 15g jar


Hideaway Homestead - Staghorn Sumac

Dehydrated zucchini

$5 per 10g jar


Hideaway Homestead - dehydrated zucchini

Honey & Beeswax

Our hives are located on the homestead, where the honey bees have many options to forage for nectar and pollen. 

The diversity of flowers growing in our vegetable gardens, orchard, cover crops and forest, is echoed in the taste of the honey. 

Hideaway Homestead honey is sold raw and unpasteurized. 

Our hand-pulled chewy taffy contains nothing but homestead honey.

Raw Honey

$14 per 1kg jar

Sold Out


Hideaway Homestead - Raw honey

Honey Taffy

25 cents each (10g)

Sold Out

Hideaway Homestead - Honey Taffy

Beeswax tealights

4 for $5

Hideaway Homestead - beeswax tealights

Personal Care

Our moisturizing foot balm will soothe dry feet and is easy to apply.

It is made by hand using our own beeswax blended with organic and ethically sourced raw shea butter, coconut oil, and essential oils.

Our dandelion salve will also calm dry or chapped skin. 

We collect dandelions from the homestead, infuse them into olive oil, and then blend with beeswax and organic coconut oil.

Soothing Foot Balm

$10 per 75g stick

Hideaway Homestead - Foot Balm

Dandelion Salve

$6 per 40g tin

Hideaway Homestead - Dandelion salve


Each item is sewn by hand, here on the homestead, usually during the long winter months while staying cozy by the wood stove.

Fold and Go Shopping Bag

$2 each

100% polyester

Packing Space approximately 14″ wide x 12″ tall.

Folds in on itself to a pouch approximately 4.5″ wide x 3.5″ tall.

Hideaway Homestead - Fold and go shopping bag

“Oscar” the Hideaway Homestead Purple Onion – $10

Hand sewn from cotton and polyester fibers.

*100% of the proceeds from each “Oscar” sold will be donated directly to the Mariposa House Hospice.*

Hideaway Homestead - Oscar The Purple Onion