Hideaway Homestead garlic is planted and harvested by hand.

Each bulb of “Music” garlic is derived from the original seed garlic which we first planted on the homestead in 2016. 

Grown in soil fertilized by cover crops and compost, our garlic bulbs are big and bursting with flavour.


Hardneck and Softneck varieties

Per bulb – $2.00

Sold Out

Hideaway Homestead - Music Hardneck garlic bulb

Braid of 10 bulbs – $15

Sold Out

Hideaway Homestead - garlic braid

Dehydrated garlic

100g jar – $10

Sold Out


Hideaway Homestead - dehydrated garlic

Dehydrated garlic scapes

80g jar – $10


Hideaway Homestead Dehydrated Garlic Scapes

Fresh garlic scapes

8 per bundle – $2.00

Sold Out

Hideaway Homestead - basket of fresh garlic scapes

Garlic scape salt

(scapes blended with sea salt.)

120g jar – $10

Hideaway Homestead Garlic Scape Salt