Available for sale

Update as of:

September 20, 2022

Category Product Size Price
Dehydrated Harvests
Dehydrated Onion Flakes 60g $5
Dehydrated Staghorn Sumac 15g $5
Dehydrated Zucchini 10g $5
Dehydrated Garlic Scapes 80g $10
Garlic Scape Salt 120g $10
Honey & Beeswax
Beeswax Tealights 4 $5
Maple Sugar (granulated) 85g $5
Maple Sugar (granulated) 180g $10
Maple Syrup (Amber & Dark) 500ml $15
Maple Syrup (Amber & Dark) 1L $25
Personal Care
Dandelion Salve 40g $6
Soothing Foot Balm 75g $10
Sauces and Jams
Marinara Sauce 250ml $3
Marinara Sauce 500ml $5
Fold and Go Shopping Bag each $2
Oscar the Purple Onion (100% of all Oscar sales donated to the Mariposa House Hospice.) each $10
Wooden Items
Keychain each $3
Jacob’s Ladder Toy each $5
Peg Game each $10
Comfort Bird each $15
Business Card Holder each $20
Wood Care
Beeswax Wood Polish 105g $20